#Reading Outside of Your Comfort Zone: the Dewey Lunatic Project

[This post was originally posted on the Beekeeping Librarian blog]

Since I find the World’s Strongest Librarian’s Dewey Lunatic Project fascinating (and I just agreed to be on the Montana Book Award Committee for the next three years), I have decided to commit to this. I will have to read a bunch of new books on a variety of subjects for the committee, so that will help. I read too many books in one or two Dewey areas, and I need to expand my reading–break out of my comfort zone of cooking, gardening, and brain research (yep, that pretty much sums up what I read).

It may take me years, but I would like to read at least one book for every 3-digit Dewey number. In addition, I would like to read one (non-picture!) fiction book by an author of every letter of the alphabet; kids and YA will count. That will stop me from avoiding the non-fiction and delving into a 6-month Terry Pratchett marathon. Hypothetically, anyway.

First, I need to actually FINISH the things I am in the middle of now. Here they are:

Suggestions for your favorite section or subject are welcome!

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