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The Montana Library Association Annual Conference is just two weeks away! It is at Big Sky this year, a little resort town just south of Bozeman and just north of Yellowstone. The “town” is small and remote enough that traveling librarians who have never been to Big Sky (like this one) might wonder what amenities and eating opportunities exist. As with all such queries, I kicked into research mode, read a bunch of reviews, and outlined my results.

Here is a guide to what I found out, starting with some general info and ending with restaurant/eating options. You will notice that I grouped restaurants into groups by walk-ability and cost. Since I am on a work budget, cheap versus expensive is based on whether I think I will go over the $5, $6, $12 (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for my main entree; it is impossible to stay under if you include any drink or other amount. Restaurants I deemed walkable were within the mini-town area near Huntley Lodge, which looks to be about 8-square city blocks. FYI, that area is called the Mountain Village.

Complications exist! Many of the online maps put Big Sky restaurants at the junction for 191 and 64, which is incorrect. I did not include any restaurants that require you to go back down to 191, or any restaurants you have to ski or take a lift to (I know, right?). I say where close restaurants are but not those that are not walkable since directions get long–follow the link to their website if need be. If you don’t feel like walking at all, I have also marked the few restaurants with DELIVERY. And finally, since I am a vegetarian I have also noted the places with veggie options in each review.


  • 24/7 Pantry in Huntley Lodge Sunken Lobby – has 24-hour vending, whatever that means :)
  • C&P Grocery is in the Mountain Mall, close to Huntley Lodge – 9am-8pm – general grocery, and also has an oxygen bar!
  • Hungry Moose (406) 995-3045 has groceries and is not close but it has DELIVERY
  • The Country Market (406) 995-4636 – has groceries and is not close but has DELIVERY
  • Snow conditions (406) 995-5900
  • The week of, check out this link for weekly events

Fun Things:

  • Ask at the hotel about fancy non-ski activities: zipline, climbing wall, spa services, snowcat rides, high ropes course, bungee trampoline, Yellowstone tours, and guided snowshoe tours. Contact the concierge at (406) 995-5806.
  • For a unique experience that is expensive but very interesting, jump in a snow cat and have dinner at the Montana Dinner Yurt.

I’ll count on MLA to promote most of their events, but I am always excited to meet and see authors. On the docket this year are:

For additional info & reviews, try: Big Sky Dining Guide or Big Sky Resort Dining Guide.
I have organized each section in the order of how likely I am to eat there :)

Walkable & Cheap

  • Huntley Lodge Room Service (406) 995-5784 – you can’t get any closer than that, available 6:30-10:30am & 5-11pm – DELIVERY
  • Burger Bar/Soup Shack/Mesquite Grill – on the Plaza – they have Pierogi! veggie options – MENU
  • Whiskey Jack’s (406) 995-5786 – Mountain Mall – southwestern fare, microbrews – NEWS REVIEW
  • Chet’s Bar & Grill – in Huntley Lodge – gets great reviews, reportedly good burgers, Montana microbrews on tap, and you can eat in front of the big fireplace
  • Choppers Grub & Pub (406) 995-3830 77 Lone Peak Drive – veggie options, 100 beers to choose from, often live music, “bring your peeps to this fun and uniquely delicious lunch or dinner” also “if you want to get married on a motorcycle that happens to be sitting on a bar call”MENU
  • Mountain Top Pizza (406) 995-4376 – Mountain Mall – also C&P Grocery – “groceries and necessities: beer, wine, and pizza” – no delivery – MENU
  • Yeti Dogs (406) 995-3971 – Mountain Village – beef & veggie dogs, Montana-made ice cream, regional beer, “a local favorite” – MENU
  • M.R. Hummers (406) 995-4543 – Mountain Mall – bar food, cheap lunch specials
  • Blackbear Bar & Grill (406) 995-2845 – Mountain Mall – bar food & pizza, pizza the only veggie option – MENU
  • Mountain Coffee Shop – Mountain Mall – pastries & quick sandwiches
  • Lone Peak Cafe – Mountain Mall – Cafeteria style, salad bar
  • Firehole Coffee – bad reviews from multiple sources

Walkable & Expensive

  • Carabiner Lounge (406) 995-8078 – Summit Hotel – often live music, veggie options – MENU
  • Andiamo Italian Grille (406) 995-8041 (reservations recommended) Village Center, 11am-10pm – Italian fare, veggie options & wood fired pizza; and you don’t often see wild boar ribs on the menu – LUNCH MENUDINNER MENU
  • Cabin Bar & Grill (406) 995-4244 (reservations recommended) next to Summit Hotel – some veggie options – MENU
  • Fondue Stube (406) 995-5806 – Huntley Lodge, Wed-Sun 6-10pm – Fondue! And I hear they wear outfits.
  • Peaks Restaurant (406) 995-8076 (reservations recommended) – Summit Hotel – one veggie option – DINNER MENU LUNCH MENU

Not Walkable & Cheap

  • Trailhead Pizza (406) 995-7175 – Pizza, honey whole wheat crust available DELIVERY – MENU
  • Wrap Shack (406) 995-3099 – lots of reasonably priced veggie & other options – MENU
  • Blue Moon Bakery (406) 995-2305 – Breads, bagels, pastries, pizzas, soups, DELIVERY after 5pm
  • Lone Peak Brewery (406) 995-3939 – limited food, but they make up for it in beer – MENU
  • Arata Hawaiian Sushi (406) 995-3477 – great reviews, vegetarian options – MENU
  • China Cafe (406) 995-4488 – good reviews, veggie options – MENU
  • The Country Market (406) 995-4636 – groceries & sandwiches DELIVERY
  • Milkie’s Pizza & Pub (406) 995-2900, 4-9pm – pizza, subs, calzones
  • Hungry Moose (406) 995-3045 – groceries, deli, beer & wine, all available for DELIVERY – MENU

Not Walkable & Expensive (Assume Reservations Needed)

  • By Word of Mouth (406) 995-2992 – Dinner 7 nights a week, one review says “from the traditional to the unusual” and lots of veggie options – MENUS
  • Lotus Pad (406) 995-2728 – veggie options, open 5pm-close 7 days a week, carry-out or dine-in – MENU
  • The Dining Room at Lone Mountain Ranch (800) 514-4644- lots of local food, some veggie options – MENU
  • Buck’s and Buck’s Pub (888) 610-5110 – lots of the wild game on the menu, some veggie options – MENUS
  • Rainbow Ranch (800) 937-4132 – no veggie entrees, lots of wild game – MENU

Please leave comments: where will you be eating? Who are you dressing as for the Cates Fundraiser? Have you been to Big Sky? Recommendation??

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