Good Teacher Traits, According to Librarians #learntrends

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The following list is from the chat in Char Booth’s Instructional Literacy webinar on Trends in Library Training & Learning, August 11, 2011. This is the list of GOOD teacher traits (traits from the best teachers you ever had) that the 600+ librarians who attended offered:





engaging |

Good listener, dynamic in front of the room|

vibrancy, passion, & knowledge|


fantastic storyteller!|

passionate, unique, mixed it up|

willing to explain again|

engaging, humor,|

engaging, lively, and pushed me hard|

knowledgeable, supportive|

engaging, relevant, coach|



Passion for subject|


Fun, energetic|


engaging with all|

Definitely a sense of humor, intelligence, and charisma.|

Excited about subject|


She was animated.|

Passion – Knowledge – Enticing|

natural speaker|

they cared|


sense of humor, passion for subject|

Was laid back.|


passion for the topic|

charisma, memorable lessons, |



charisma, personality, enthusiasm|

expertise, entertaining, communicated with students|


Hilarious and knew how to make a point|

passion and belief in me|

enthusiasm, knowledge and Indiana Jones hat|

Mrs. Phillips Jr High School. |


articulate, funny, interesting|

Transparency, patience, passionate|

personable, caring|

Enthusiasm for their subject area|

caring, patient, knowledgeable|


great storyteller|



they cared about their students|

passion, knowledge & LOTS of stories|

incredible vocabulary|

Always positive|

excellent storyteller|

hard thing is…’best’ teachers were most inspiring and mentoring, but not necessarily IN the classroom|

Great communicator, smart & great interactive design|

Enthusiasm, energetic |

Loved their subject, passionate about teaching|

entertaining, passionate, knowledgeable|

engaging, knowledgeable, creative|


Energy passion|

Empathy for students|

Involved you|



out of the box activities|

knowledgeable about the subject|

friendly, mentoring, well informed on a topic I didn’t know about|

Video of Marian Diamond,|

Out going|

provided structure.|


demanded excellence

confident, passionate, challenging|

Smart and funny|

knowledge, enthusiasm, hilarious|

made students feel special|

Tough, interested, funny|


used Socratic method, approachable, we met outdoors|

Even though I was afraid of her, I respected her and she wasn’t afraid to try new and challenging things|


Cared about students|

personal, relaxed, interesting|

personal – talked straight with me; knew her information!|

loved what he did|


didn’t talk above us, friendly, challenging|

Story teller|

funny stories, eye contact, storyteller|

Great storyteller!|

My 6th grade teacher cared, was patient, told life stories, was wise|

used humor to engage students|


Treated us teens as colleagues; patient; smart and knowledgeable|

knowledgeableand knew me|

great storyteller, very knowledgeable and respect for material, and passion!|

enthusiastic, funny, knowledgeable|

passionate about the subject, cared about the students and connected with us|

demanding; had high expectations of her students; accepted no excuses|

sense of humor|


made me take risks, let me know its okay to try even if you may fail|

funny, intelligent, patient|



funny, enthusiastic, passionate|

had a classroom full of reptiles|

knowledgeable in field, passionate, fun|

let us go to the coffee shop for class|

organized, planning, caring|

beautiful Jamaican lilt to the voice…|

genuine, energetic, approachable|

passion, charm, great SMILE|

enthusiasm for subject, knowledge depth, |

charisma, energy|

Fun! Listened! Bright!|

interested in students as people, high expectations, passionate|

approachable and open minded|

Organized and logical|

inspiring, empowering|


Cared about her students|

very good|

not afraid to make a fool of himself|

knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient|

passionate, story teller, mapped whole lession is diagram on board|

knowledgeable, caring, engaing|

KNEW his subject, passionate, would follow any productive idea|

Sense of humor and genuinely enjoyed teaching and student interaction.|

He was excited about his subject, knowledgeable, went the extra mile|

humor, passion for subject|

knowledgeable, cared about topic, loved what he did|

found ways for me to further explore things that interested me|

He took us out to the local pub on Fridays to discuss anything and everything-beer was on him and he was a great story teller|

stayed in poor school district when profile could have led to other better jobs|

broke topic into manageable chunks|

prepped me for college (high school teacher)|

energetic, passionate, curious/ inspired curiosity|

Teacher interested in me|

projects that allowed each student to use their own strengths|

Interaction, intelligence… and humility? How about approaching students as colleagues and friends?|

Made me feel unique|

Pensive, didn’t matter that I was a girl, made me recognize thinking|


Humor … knew subject inside out, made history come alive … no intimidated in pursuing tangents in class discussion …|

While it’s on your mind? A book to check out: What Great Teachers Do Differently by Todd Whitaker.

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