FIB (Found in Book): searching for truth while surrounded by cave dwellers

2015-03-17 12.44.08

“It is clear that the undisciplined life is susceptible to the heights of passion and the depths of emotion. I propose a system of principle that might lean my life toward passion’s heights, eliminating the influence of ?weariness? ?creative?. I intend to follow these principles alone in search of reason, in search of the most finely skilled rational faculties that can aid me as I follow truth, like virtue, to its dark cave amid cave dwellers, some dangerous indeed. I do not believe I can complete the task of identifying truth and answering the great questions of eternal verities in my short lifetime, but this does not discourage me. I hope that my time here will be enriched by any understanding I gain, and that I can use the same to enrich the lived of others, but omniscience is not a prize to which any man should believe himself equal. I intend to be part of the great conversation and to contribute what I can at every point recognizing the limits of my own contributions. There is no anxiety of time hanging over this dedication”

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