Dewey Lunatic Challenge

What is the Dewey Lunatic Challenge? The goal is to read one book from every Dewey Decimal number: a truly daunting task! I heard about this a while back from the World’s Strongest Librarian’s blog. So taken was I with the idea of reading outside of my comfort zone that I committed in the fall of 2011. I need to read more books about new things. The problem is that I keep reading books that don’t count: I can only list one book for each number/letter. So, don’t think I’m lazy–I read a lot. Really! But only those that are on a “new” subject get listed.

Dewey Number Breakdown

Click here to see a FULL LIST of what I have read so far (via WorldCat).

Obviously I still have a LONG way to go. Have a recommendation? Suggest a book to me in the comments sections for the Dewey Lunatic pages above or tag me on Twitter @mtbeekeeper.

LAST UPDATED: 06/13/2018