Librarians Share Bad Teacher Traits #learntrends

[This post originally appeared at the Beekeeping Librarian blog]
Here is the list of BAD teacher traits–what we remember from our worst teachers. This list is from the chat in Char Booth’s Instructional Literacy webinar on Trends in Library Training & Learning, August 11, 2011. Over 600+ librarians attended and offered these bad teacher traits when Char asked. Is it weird that food in the beard is listed twice?? Don’t forget to check out the more positive “good teacher” traits in the previous blog.

boring |
discouraging creativity|
didn’t care|
straight lecture, no interaction|
rigid, closed minded, |
eyes on the chalkboard at all times|
confusing expectations|
don’t want to think about him|
o my. i felt like i had a learning disability everytime this guy talked.|
boring, talked the whole time|
Smelled bad.|
I’ve blocked it.|
dismissive, |
Worst: Acted as if they had better things to do.|
not listen|
monotonous, sitting at desk with book|
hated their job|
had course notes 30 years old and didn’t change them.|
insecure, bland, boring, |
drones, phones in, clearly does not care.|
bored w/ topic|
demeaning, arrogant, inaccessible|
monotone and nonengaging|
poorly organized|
Read the lecture to us!\|
ridiculed students|
talk talk talk talk talk blah blah blah|
blah, blah, blah|
irrational and not logical|
crabby & critical|
dull, monotone|
stared at the girls’ chests|
Dull voice|
low energy|
not organized|
angry nun|
closed minded|
can’t remember what he looked like because I think I was asleep |
monotone, inarticulate, no personality|
rule oriented|
unhappy, took it out on students|
monotone voice|
vague, confused, authoritarian|
could care less|
Sat at their desk.|
Food in his beard every morning – yuck!|
monotone, read
Standard lecture with no stories…nothing to keep me engaged|
Disrespectful to students.|
monotone voice, boring, |
Confusing, uninteresting, disengaged|
thinks that only she is right!|
mean and rigid|
didn’t care|
unengaged, closed mind|
Buehler, Buehler. Buehler|
boring, limited opportunity to actually learn|
talked WAY over my head about things i didn’t care about|
dogmatic, rigid, angry|
prejudged my learning capabilities|
obnoxious, seemed to dislike the students, boring|
threatening, insecure, focus on penalties rather than praise|
didn’t like kids|
Inconsistent, ignorant, rude|
mean, boring, did not help students|
overbearing, unfair, monotonous|
closed, didn’t care, read
they don’t want to be there any more than i did|
rigid, critical|
monotone, didn’t answer questions|
poor communication skills|
did not like students|
impatient, mean, not understanding|
disorganized and didn’t care|
apathetic, used same material every year, mean|
Assumed they knew everything. They didn’t listen to outside ideas.|
blow hard|
put us down|
did not understand the reason for the class|
She had only one right answer/way to do everything|
80 percent of lecture was “UM”|
eyes on a point on the back wall – didn’t connect|
8am – overhead projector – dark room… need i say more?|
played favorites|
condescending, clearly didn’t want to be teaching|
rigid, inflexible|
unable to relate the materials|
monotone, no facial expression other than his usual poker face|
rule bound|
Judgmental, close-minded, made assumptions before getting to know people|
blamed students for his own boringness|
treated students unfairly|
Droning monotone|
think he might have been drunk in class|
bad attitude, discussed grades with other students.|
couldn’t explain things beyond the prepared overheads|
not flexible|
cold, boring, students have to teach b/c they don’t know material|
inconsistent, impersonable,condescending|
bored, disengaged, mean|
Tunnel vision – Not flexible – Not able to respond to students problems|
they were only there for a paycheck didn’t care about students|
doing a job not wanting to teach|
more discussion about HIM than topic at hand.|
didn’t involve the class, keep back turned to class|
distant, mumbling, mind-numbingly boring|
Spoke very quietly|
monotone voice|
Taught to one gender and not the other|
hesitant, shaky knowledge, no energy/enthusiasm|
inarticulate, boring|
made me wish I was still asleep in bed|
impatient, thought she didn’t like me, it was my worst subject anyway|
ignorant, out of control, disorganized|
made you throw away your notes|
Huge ego.|
scared me to death cuz they were mean (cataloging instructor)|
condescending, out-of-date|
boring; didn’t speak in terms one could understand|
uncaring, arrogant, unorganized|
never available, mean, pompous|
Abusive, taught by rote, disinterested|
Rude, embarrassed students, self-absorbed|
didn’t know their material|
always asked questions before they gave information, very disconnected|
self promoting|
she was bad because she was just reading to us
thick accent, didn’t repeat material, stand-offish|
Scatterbrained, unprepared, and self-centered|
Sat down, Looked down at notes, test answers had to be exactly what they said|
Prejudiced, homophobic|
stuck in a rut|
bored, pre-retired|
didn’t care phoned it in|
Bully … inflexible … sexist|
couldn’t understand, foreign accent, lost train of thought|
putting u down|
no classroom control, didn’t understand the material, visibly hated her job|
read lecture notes to us|
so no drinking before presentations?|
not present, didn’t care about subject, and forgot there were students in the classroom.|
Haughtiness/snobbery, egotism, shallowness.|
yelled at the students!|
Food in his beard every morning – yuck!|
wore dresses to school and he was a guy|
Always said – Who is my victim|
what about snideness|

While it’s on your mind? A book to check out: What Great Teachers Do Differently by Todd Whitaker.

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